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Bloomsbury Contemporary Aesthetics

Discover new ways of thinking about art and the everyday

Dive into philosophy’s modern impact on society as a whole with Bloomsbury Contemporary Aesthetics. Begin with Aesthetics and Politics in the Global South to understand the global roots, context, and counterparts of traditional aesthetic theories. Then utilize exclusive case studies, primary texts, banks of images, and secondary readings for further in-depth exploration of global aesthetics. .

"Bloomsbury Contemporary Aesthetics offers students and researchers an engaging entry into robust scholarship and innovative thinking in contemporary aesthetics. This user-friendly resource should have a place in academic libraries." — Library Journal, 2023

"A worthy collection to explore for a library that serves undergraduates. Bloomsbury Contemporary Aesthetics' topics span across disciplines and I would recommend a trial to promote to faculty outside of philosophy to those teaching writing, film, or any interdisciplinary courses taught on campus." — Against the Grain, 2023

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