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Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers has been migrated to Bloomsbury Philosophy Library

In April 2021, Bloomsbury Digital Resource launched Bloomsbury Philosophy Library, a growing digital hub that will provides access to primary texts in translation, secondary literature, exclusive articles, and encyclopedia entries. Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers has been migrated onto Bloomsbury Philosophy Library.

Bloomsbury Philosophy Library will have three collections on the platform at launch - Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers, Bloomsbury 20th-Century French Thought and Bloomsbury History of Modern Aesthetics

What will happen to my access of Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers?

If your institution has purchased or subscribed to Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers, you will still have access to that content. The previous URL for Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers is now redirecting to the new URL, which is

Please note that all pages on Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers also re-direct to the new platform. 

What will be different on Bloomsbury Philosophy Library as opposed to the old Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers website?

The new platform is titled Bloomsbury Philosophy Library and is branded as such. 

Bloomsbury Philosophy Library hosts three collections, as stated above. This means content outside of Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers will also be on the platform. While content may appear on the site, users will only have access to the collection that they have subscribed to or purchased. 

For example, if your institution only subscribes to Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers, you will only have access to content from Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers. Content from other collections will be locked. 

Are institutions able to renew their subscription to Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers?

Yes, Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers will still be available to purchase via subscription or perpetual access basis. 

What will happen to my personal account?

You are still able to log into your personal account on the new platform. 

Favorited content saved to personal accounts have not been retained with Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers moving over to Bloomsbury Philosophy Library. Prior to migration, users will have needed to instead save those links to their browser favorites, so they are not lost. 

Favorited search items have also not been retained with the new. Search results will be different on the new platform, as users will be able to see search results from multiple collections if they would like.  

Will I have to update the EZ Proxy Stanzas?

Yes, please update if you have not done so already. The Stanzas are below.

Title GEOPlugin (updated 20200423)  URL  Host  HJ  DJ
Title Bloomsbury Philosophy Library  URL  HJ  HJ  HJ  HJ  DJ

What do I do if I want more information about Bloomsbury Philosophy Library and the new collections?

If you are interested in more information or a free trial for your institution, please reach out:

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UK Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia: 
Australia and New Zealand: 

What if I have a question about Bloomsbury Encylopedia of Philosophers that is not covered here?

Please fill out the Contact Us form and we will be happy to respond to your query.