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What content is available in Bloomsbury Philosophy Library?

Bloomsbury Philosophy Library is a growing digital hub that provides access to the best of the Bloomsbury Philosophy list through subject-specific collections of key areas within the discipline.

Each collection, mapped onto an interdisciplinary philosophical topic or field, brings together an extensive mix of content types. Featuring a mix of primary texts, translations, secondary literature, exclusive articles, encyclopedia entries, and images, this dynamic digital platform makes it possible to study key philosophical sub-fields in depth.

Collections offer a one-stop digital resource to subject areas covered on a wide range of courses including aesthetics, philosophy of art, Continental philosophy, literary studies, politics, and visual arts.

  • Bloomsbury 20th-Century French Thought includes late 20th-century primary texts in translation from Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guattari, Jacques Rancière, Luce Irigaray, and Alain Badiou, alongside a wealth of secondary literature which covers key schools in French philosophy, from existentialism and phenomenology to postmodernism.
  • Bloomsbury History of Modern Aesthetics explores the development of aesthetic theories during the modern period through newly-digitized editions of primary sources. Including exclusive new introductions and secondary literature, it covers a varied and fascinating range of ideas about art, nature, religion and taste from thinkers such as Alexander Baumgarten, R. G. Collingwood, Friedrich Schiller, Uvedale Price, and Anna Jameson.
  • Bloomsbury Contemporary Aesthetics supports study, aids teaching, and provides a new way of working in the vibrant field of aesthetics and philosophy of art. Comprised of primary texts, exclusive case studies, a bank of images, secondary literature#, and a digital-only reference work, Aesthetics and Politics in the Global South, this wide-ranging resource reflects the depth, versatility, and relevance of aesthetics today.
  • Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers provides 8,500 critical biographical entries to individuals from Britain, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, North America, and the Middle East who have contributed to the history of modern thought and philosophy.

Is the content included in Bloomsbury Philosophy Library available online anywhere else?

  • Although the translated primary texts in Bloomsbury 20th-Century French Thought are also available to purchase in print and e-copy individually, they are available together on the resource for the first time (they are not available through Bloomsbury Collections). The articles included on the resource have been commissioned specifically to support these materials and are not available anywhere else.  
  • Although some of the primary sources in Bloomsbury History of Modern Aesthetics are available elsewhere as digital facsimiles, they are reproduced here for the first time as fully searchable, full-text HTML. These texts also appear alongside specially commissioned illustrated commentary articles. These are authored by leading academics and provide contextual background to the work, pulling out the main themes and connecting them with contemporary debates. 
  • A significant amount of the content is exclusive to Bloomsbury Contemporary Aesthetics, including primary texts, a digital-first reference work and specially commissioned case studies. A number of eBooks found in the resource are available on Bloomsbury Collections.
  • A limited number of dictionaries on Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers have been available through Oxford Reference Online. These include The Biographical Dictionary of American Economists, The Biographical Encyclopedia of Islamic Philosophy, The Dictionary of Modern American Philosophers, and The Biographical Dictionary of British Economists. All entries in the Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers are fully-indexed exclusively for the resource and can be cross-searched with other related content on the site.

Will the resource be updated?

  • The launch content set was updated for Bloomsbury 20th Century French Thought and Bloomsbury History of Modern Aesthetics in February 2022. Updates featuring additional translations, secondary literature and new exclusive articles will be added to the collection as they become available.
  • The first annual update for Bloomsbury Contemporary Aesthetics will be in Spring 2023.
  • After 2021 there are no plans to update Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers.

Who is the resource for?

Bloomsbury Philosophy Library is an invaluable resource for students, scholars, and researchers studying philosophy. The materials covered are also highly relevant to related disciplines such as literary studies, cultural studies, gender studies, and the history and philosophy of science. In addition, Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers will also be relevant to those studying history, theology, religious studies, and the history of economics.