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Prologue: Nothing … But Words

David Kleinberg-Levin

David Kleinberg-Levin is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Northwestern University, USA. His books include Gestures of Ethical Life: Reading Hölderlin’s Question of Measure After Heidegger (2005); Redeeming Words and the Promise of Happiness: A Critical Theory Approach to Wallace Stevens and Vladimir Nabokov (2012); and Redeeming Words: Language and the Promise of Happiness in the Stories of Döblin and Sebald (2013). Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Beckett’s Words : The Promise of Happiness in a Time of Mourning

Bloomsbury Academic, 2015



... Hamburger, in Eric L. Santner, ed., Hyperion and Selected Poems (New York: Continuum, 1990), 235. Language is the promise of reconciliation. And, as those words of verse show he knew, in the poetic use of language, a design that manifests...
... A Sequel to a Stellar Key to the Summer Land ( Boston , 1877). Further Reading Amer Nat Bio, Appleton's Cycl Amer Bio, Dict Amer Bio, Dict Amer Religious Bio, Nat Cycl Amer Bio Albanese Catherine L. “On the Matter of Spirit; Andrew Jackson...
...Adams, George Plimpton George Adams was born on 7 October 1882 in Northboro, Massachusetts, to Edwin A. Adams, a New England minister, and Caroline A. Plimpton Adams. Adams later placed his mother’s maiden name as his own middle name. He...
...Everett, Walter Goodnow Walter Goodnow Everett was born 21 August 1860 in Rowe, Massachusetts, to Samuel P. and Aleesta Goodnow Everett. He studied at Brown University where he received the BA in 1885. In that year he was appointed tutor...
...Bascom, John John Bascom was born on 1 May 1827 in Genoa, New York. His early education took place at Homer Academy followed by Williams College, from which he graduated with a BA in 1849. Bascom spent a year teaching at Ball Seminary...
... “Psychology and the Science of Science” (1939) encouraged other psychologists to offer operational definitions of their measurement units. Theorists of animal learning such as Edward C. Tolman Tolman, Edward Chace , Clark L. Hull Hull, Clark...