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  • History of Philosophy
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Alienation and Presence: A Historical Sketch

Simon Skempton

Simon Skempton has a PhD in Philosophy from Middlesex University, UK. He currently teaches Philosophy and Intellectual History at the State University - Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Alienation After Derrida

Continuum, 2010


...Having established the relevance and importance of the concept of alienation to an understanding of Derrida’s critique of metaphysics and the implications of this critique, it is now necessary to clarify the nature and implications...

Key Thinkers

Tiger C. Roholt

Tiger C. Roholt is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Montclair State University, USA. He earned his PhD in Philosophy from Columbia University, and was a professional musician prior to embarking on his academic career. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Key Terms in Philosophy of Art

Bloomsbury Academic, 2013


...Adorno, Theodor W. (1903–69) Adorno was a German philosopher and leading member of the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory. He studied and taught at Frankfurt University until the rise of the Nazi party; he subsequently lived in exile...
...O’Sullivan, John Marcus John Marcus O’Sullivan was born in Killarney, Co. Kerry on 18 February 1881, and died in Dublin on 9 February 1948. He was educated at St Brendan’s College, Killarney, at Clongowes Wood College, Co. Kildare...
...Boas, George George Boas was born on 28 August 1891 in Providence, Rhode Island. He attended Brown University, where he received both his BA and MA degrees in 1913. He then earned another MA in philosophy in 1915 from Harvard University...
...Yolton, John William John Yolton was born on 10 November 1921 in Birmingham, Alabama. He received his BA with honours at the University of Cincinnati in 1945. He did postgraduate studies at the University of California at Berkeley from 1946...
...Fermat, Pierre Carcavy, Pierre de It is believed that Pierre de Carcavy was born in Lyons Lyons at the beginning of the seventeenth century. He was the son of Jean de Carcavy, a banker from Cahors Cahors and collector-general of the tithe...
...Jacques Le Pailleur’s most significant contribution to intellectual life in seventeenth-century France was his role as founder and leader of an informal academy of savants who met regularly at his residence. The group was a continuation...

Slowly, tenderly

Jean-François Lyotard: The Interviews and Debates

Bloomsbury Academic, 2020


...Slowly, tenderly, on behalf of your friends, your students (on the other side of the Atlantic, they were often one and the same), I am addressing you, dear Jean-François, head buzzing with their recommendations not to omit, above all...
...Furly, Benjamin The English merchant, Benjamin Furly, was born in Colchester, Essex, in England in 1636. He was the son of John Furly, a prominent Colchester merchant, whose allegiances lay with the Parliamentarians during the English Civil...
...Weiss, Paul Kuntz, Paul Grimley Whitehead, Alfred North Paul Kuntz was born in Philadelphia on 22 November 1915. His parents were Franklin Samuel Kuntz, a Lutheran minister, and Sadie Treichler Grimley. He received his BA in philosophy...