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...Gustavus Watts Cunningham was born on 14 November 1881 in Laurens, South Carolina. In 1902 Cunningham received an MA from Furman College in South Carolina. His first teaching job was in English at Howard College in Birmingham, Alabama...


T. Storm Heter

T. Storm Heter received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois and currently teaches philosophy at East Stroudsburg University, PA. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Sartre’s Ethics of Engagement : Authenticity and Civic Virtue

Continuum, 2006


...At this point I have both surveyed Sartre’s major ethical concepts and developed a unique account of existential ethics. In this chapter I describe in broad terms the resulting existential conception of ethical value and morality...
...Harris, William Torrey Anna Callender Brackett was born on 21 May 1836 in Boston, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of a Boston businessman and his wife, Samuel E. and Caroline S. Brackett, and a cousin of social work pioneer, Jeffrey...
...Macran, H.S. Henry Stewart Macran was born in Dublin in 1865 and died there on 6 June 1937. He was educated at Wesley College, Dublin, Trinity College, Dublin and Balliol College, Oxford, where he read Classics and Modern Languages. He...
...Adams, George Plimpton George Adams was born on 7 October 1882 in Northboro, Massachusetts, to Edwin A. Adams, a New England minister, and Caroline A. Plimpton Adams. Adams later placed his mother’s maiden name as his own middle name. He...


Karl Rosenkranz


Karl Rosenkranz (1805–1879) was a German philosopher. He followed Kant and Herbart as professor of philosophy in Königsberg, Germany. A lifelong defender of the philosophy of Hegel, he participated briefly in the post-1848 reform government in Berlin. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Andrei Pop


Mechtild Widrich

Mechtild Widrich

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Aesthetics of Ugliness : A Critical Edition

Bloomsbury Academic, 2015


...An aesthetics of ugliness? And why not? Aesthetics has become the collective name for a large group of concepts, which is in turn divisible into three particular classes. The first has to do with the idea of beauty, the second...
...Stallo was one of the first proponents of Hegelian philosophy in America. He was born Johann Bernhard Stallo on 16 March 1823 in Sierhausen, Oldenburg, Germany, to Johann Heinrich Stallo and Maria Adelheid Moormann. While attending...
...Brokmeyer, Henry Conrad Henry Conrad Brokmeyer was born to Frederick William and Sophia Brokmeyer in Minden, Westphalia, Prussia, on 12 August 1826. Late in life, he told Denton Snider Snider, Denton Jacques that he left his parents’ home...
...Harris, William Torrey William Torrey Harris, son of Zilpah Davison Harris and William Harris, was born on 10 September 1835 in Killingly, Connecticut. As a farm boy he developed a strong interest in deep subjects, an interest...
...Bryant, William McKendree William McKendree Bryant was born on 31 March 1843 in Lake County, Indiana, the son of Eliphalet W. and Esther Eliza (Brown) Bryant. As a child he was taught in a log cabin schoolhouse. On Sundays the family...